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Looking to hire a skipper to carry out work from the water? Our experienced skippers are happy to help! You can hire a skipper from us for vessels that are used for work or other commercial activities from the water. Our skippers have experience in sailing with the most diverse vessels. From large work boats and patrol vessels to fast motorboats and small work boats.

Are you looking to hire a skipper with a major sailing license, rhine patent, radar patent, VHF license or small sailing license? Please contact us for the possibilities.

What is a skipper?

A skipper is someone who has the right sailing licenses and certificates and who has experience to be able and allowed to operate a vessel. Which sailing certificates and certificates the skipper needs depends on the type of vessel and the waters to be navigated. We offer a wide variety of skippers. From skippers with a small sailing license for fast motorboats to skippers with a large sailing license AB, marcom-b, rhine patent and radar patent.

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Hire a skipper

Hire a skipper

What does a skipper do?

The skipper is responsible for everything that happens on board. This starts even before sailing. The skipper plans the route to be sailed, examines the route's points of interest and reads the messages to skippers. Then he checks whether the vessel is ready to go on the water. This includes checking the technical condition of the boat, the engine and equipment. Additional materials and life jackets are also checked.

While sailing, the skipper keeps an eye on other shipping and maintains contact with the various traffic posts by VHF radio. Signing in and out of activities at the port service or traffic control post is also one of the tasks of the skipper. During the trip, the skipper is responsible for everyone on board. He ensures that all safety rules are observed and advises and informs those on board. After sailing, another inspection round is made to ensure that the vessel is ready for the next trip and to be able to remedy any defects in time.

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Our skippers have experience with the most diverse activities from the water. From sailing with a sounding boat, patrol vessel and work vessel to sailing with a fast motorboat. We are also VCA* certified and our skippers are regularly trained in the field of knowledge and safety.

Are you looking to rent a skipper? We are happy to help! Tell us your wishes and we will help you with a suitable skipper.

How can you hire a skipper?

If you contact us by phone, we will discuss the necessary information directly on the phone. Do you request a quote online or do you send an e-mail? If possible, state all the dates, location and a description of your wishes. Based on this, you will receive a non-binding quote for renting a skipper. If the quotation is approved and the skipper is available, the work can start immediately.

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