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Looking for certified vessel traffic service? Then you’ve come to the right place! We provide vessel traffic service throughout the Netherlands, from Amsterdam to Rotterdam and from Friesland in the north to Limburg in the south. To support us, we have a number of patrol vessels available, all of which meet the national standards set by Rijkswaterstaat. The mobile dispatcher carries out active vessel traffic service from the patrol vessel where there is danger or hindrance to other shipping. This will make sure that your operations can proceed safely and smoothly.

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As a specialist in vessel traffic service, we offer services to help and reassure you, from the formal side to nautical advice and execution. Our vessels and skippers comply with the requirements set by Rijkswaterstaat. We are experienced and qualified for a wide variety of operations. As we undertake this work regularly and in locations across the Netherlands, our knowledge is fully up to date. We undertake the work that you need and for as long as you need it. Please get in touch so that we can proactively advise you, or request an instant quote if you already know exactly what you need.

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When is vessel traffic service needed?

The short answer to this question is whenever the manager of the waterway demands it. Voluntary use of vessel traffic service is also an option. Generally speaking, the manager of a waterway will demand that vessel traffic service be used whenever there is a risk of danger or hindrance to other shipping, such as when working on a bridge or lock. Work being undertaken in the waterway, such as performing measurements, taking samples, dredging or other work where navigation could be impeded in any way, might also necessitate it.

There are also situations in which vessel traffic service might be deployed to protect something else, rather than other shipping, such as to ensure the safety of those undertaking the work. Swell can give rise to accidents and collision hazards, and vessel traffic service is a sensible way to manage these risks.

Nautical advice

The use of vessel traffic service requires close coordination between parties. Our nautical advisor will support you in compiling the waterway management plan, consulting with involved parties and informing local stakeholders. You can contact the nautical advisor on all matters and questions of a nautical nature.

The client, contractor, manager of the waterway and executing parties all have an interest in safe and smooth operations. The agreements, plans, risks and management measures together form the waterway management plan, which is a guide for carrying out vessel traffic service.

Nautical permit applications

It is legally prescribed that shipping must be informed of operations promptly by means of a Notice to Skippers. Permits to undertake work from or around waterways must also be applied for promptly from the authority in question. Our nautical advisor can advise and support you in submitting permit applications.

Is vessel traffic service possible without a vessel?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. The short answer is no, it can’t. According to the national requirements set by Rijkswaterstaat, vessel traffic service must always be carried out from a patrol vessel whose only job is to guide shipping. That patrol vessel is not permitted to carry out any other supporting operations.

Our patrol vessels

Patrol vessels deployed for vessel traffic service must satisfy stringent requirements. The vessel must provide a suitable workplace for the dispatcher to work properly. The vessel must also have the appropriate external features to indicate to other shipping that vessel traffic service is in place. Rijkswaterstaat has compiled a national guideline for the main waterways under its management (the ‘Instruction and procedure for deployment of vessel traffic service by market parties’). Both our patrol vessels and dispatchers satisfy the requirements set by Rijkswaterstaat.

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Both our patrol vessels and nautical dispatchers have national authorisation. We provide vessel traffic service throughout the Netherlands on a daily basis, from Utrecht to Nijmegen and from Groningen to Zeeland. In addition, we are also VCA* certified.

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