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Rent an electric workboat Sailing without CO2 emissions!

Want to use an electric workboat without CO2 emissions? Then consider renting one of our electric workboats! Our electric workboats are suitable for companies that are eager to reduce their emissions or for work on waters where electric sailing is compulsory. Our electric workboats are a guarantee of quality. We provide the right equipment, certificates and, of course, advice. Please get in touch with any questions you may have or to receive a no-obligation quote for electric workboat rental.

None of our electric workboats require a sailing licence, giving you maximum flexibility in rental and sailing. Never sailed an electric motor boat before? We’d be happy to provide you with a skipper if your situation requires it. Do you want a quote for electric workboat rental or need further information? Please get in touch. Let us know what you need – we’d be happy to help!

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How fast does an electric workboat travel?

The maximum speed of our electric workboats is about 15 km/h relative to the water. A number of factors can affect the speed of the boat, including the weight of people or materials that you are carrying on board. This means that our electric workboats are more suited to smaller bodies of water. None of our electric motor boats require a sailing licence, although there may be regulations on use in some locations. With many years of experience throughout the Netherlands, we know the regulations in almost all areas. Different rules apply when sailing with an electric motor boat on, for example, major rivers when compared to small waterways.

For how long can I sail an electric boat?

The length of time you can sail for depends on its cruising speed and the capacity of the battery. The faster you travel, the more energy the electric motor will consume. Our electric workboats are built to sail for a single eight-hour working day at a speed of around ten kilometres per hour. This assumes that sailing will not be continuous.

The benefits of an electric workboat

Electric sailing has its benefits:

  • No CO2 emissions: you can sail cleanly without polluting the environment
  • No motor noise and therefore silent sailing
  • Simple technology with low maintenance
  • Cheap sailing because electricity is cheaper than liquid fuel

Electric sailing also has its drawbacks:

  • Limited range
  • Depends on charging points (more and more ports have these available)

Benefits of electric boats in tenders

The government has set clear targets when it comes to CO2 emissions from construction projects. Contractors gain an advantage if they can commit to lower CO2 emissions. Renting an electric boat is, therefore, a logical choice. Renting an electric workboat for marine construction definitely has benefits in tenders.

Electric sailing is compulsory in some cases

On some bodies of water in the Netherlands, electric sailing is compulsory or soon will be. This includes areas in which drinking water is extracted, nature reserves or tourist locations such as Giethoorn. Amsterdam also has plans to make electric sailing compulsory.

Rent an electric workboat

Looking to rent an electric workboat to undertake work from the water? We’d be happy to help with one or more of our workboats. Additionally, you can also rent one of our experienced skippers.

In addition to renting the electric workboat, we can provide transport to and from your work site, if required. Let us know your requirements or request a quote. Please e-mail [email protected] or call us on +31(0) 85 864 00 15.

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